Day Dream Space

Audrey Apers en Tim Scheffer (BE/NL)

Dance performer Audrey Apers and installation designer Tim Scheffer both conducted research on movement. Audrey explored the physical translation of movement while Tim translated spatiality and materials into movement. Together they developed Day Dream Space, inspired by their curiosity about the translatability of daydreams in images, movement, and space. What a daydream is, when it starts, and when it ends seem indefinable.

The installation is an autonomous space inhabited by a performer. The audience is invited to enter the space one by one and become part of the work. By playing with elements such as light, sound, and the body, the performer shifts the visitors’ sense of reality, with the aim of changing the way they perceive time and space.

Day Dream Space is a co-production by Audrey Apers and Tim Scheffer, in collaboration with Zomerparkfeest Venlo, VIA ZUID, and SALLY Dansgezelschap Maastricht.