Paris de Nuit

Recirquel (HU)

From Thursday 30 August to Saturday 1 September, the famous Recirquel Company Budapest will be performing at Theater Heerlen for the Cultura Nova festival. During the ‘Paris de Nuit’ performance, the Hungarian circus theatre group Recirquel will sweep the audience into the bustling nightlife of 1930s’ Paris. This will be an evening of beauty and longing, loneliness and loss. The performance draws its inspiration from the idiosyncratic world of the famous Hungarian photographer Brassaï, who captured the most unique and risqué moments of Parisian nightlife.

Discover the secret side of Paris you always wanted to explore

Amazing circus artists, dancers, singers, and musicians bring the decadent, iconic Parisian nights of old back to life. Discover the hidden sides of Montmartre, where Picasso, Henry Miller, Modigliani, Josephine Baker, and Brassaï stayed in the dark of the night. ‘Paris de Nuit’ brings a unique experience to life: the secret side of Paris you always wanted to explore. Find yourself in illusory moments in the lives of prostitutes and hawkers, secret lovers, and other outcasts in interwar Paris. It promises to be an evening filled with lust, love, loneliness, and lavishness in a sensational performance by Recirquel.

Fantastic reviews: a seductive ode to the golden age of Parisian variété

Annette Embrechts, contributor to the Volkskrant, wrote: ‘A tightrope dancer offers the chance to nibble Turkish delight from her derrière, instantly whetting the appetite of the grey-haired gentlemen on the front row turned Casanovas. Six musicians play sultry jazz from underneath a boudoir mirror measuring several metres high. Oozing sensuality in the lower registers, a female singer glides through the air on other dancers’ shoulders or trapezes. “Paris de Nuit” is a seductive ode to the golden age of Parisian variété.’ (****) ‘From start to finish, this is a thrilling show that demands to be seen and truly deserves to be,’ says Broadway Baby (*****). The Voice Magazine – ‘Your hands will tingle from the clapping’ and A Younger Theatre – ‘The cast catches your breath and steals it away’ – have both given impressive five-star reviews for the performance.

Under the enthusiastic artistic direction of founder Bence Vági, Recirquel performed at Cultura Nova in 2015 with the piece ‘The Naked Clown.’ Since its foundation six years ago, Recirquel Company Budapest has performed at various locations around the globe. Vági’s aim is to introduce a new genre of contemporary circus consisting of a mix of physical theatre, dance, and circus, but which also showcases the cultural heritage of Central and Eastern Europe.