Alice on the run

Titanick (DE)

Home is a fleeting concept, as Alice realises when her house is suddenly destroyed and her friend (a rabbit) disappears. She embarks on a journey to the unknown in her ‘bath-boat’. In search of a new place to call home, she meets unusual characters, homeless vagrants, and grim guards.

Theater Titanick, founded by artists from Münster and Leipzig, first appeared at Cultura Nova in 1994 with Titanick. Their show Firebirds was the opening act of Cultura Nova 2017. With a host of bizarre characters, fascinating objects, special effects, and moving music, the group tells stories with mythical themes about mankind, nature, and technology. In Alice on the Run, inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Theater Titanick addresses one of the most pressing issues of our time: fleeing war, hunger, and persecution. This spectacular German theatre group interprets Lewis Carroll’s fable in a political way, without taking away its magic.

‘Fantasy, dreams, and the absurd are expressed here with mastery,’ wrote La Provincia (Las Palmas, 2017)