Laika (BE)

Belgian theatre troupe Laika will perform Cantina on the Festivalplein. Enter the tent and discover a fascinating theatrical world in which people dream, swear, laugh, and dine together. After all, Cantina is more than just a show. Pull up a chair, have some food, and be prepared to be overwhelmed!

In Spain, a cantina is a place near a railway station where you can grab a drink and a bite to eat while chatting about the news. In Italy, a cantina is a cold cellar used to age wine. In the Netherlands, the word kantine brings to mind images of a cold room filled with long tables, while in Mexico it refers to a room with plastic chairs, colourful walls, and sun-bleached umbrellas. Laika’s Cantina incorporates all of these images. It is a place where different worlds emerge and where dreams and reality converge; a place where actors and singers enchant you.

Laika makes ‘theatre for the senses’ with performances you can smell, feel, see, hear, and taste: from big and small stories to new dishes and unknown worlds. You share a meal with other spectators, made from ingredients with surprising flavours and used in a totally unique way.