Germaine Sijstermans – music and performance in the Maankwartier district

Germaine Sijstermans (NL)

In the Maankwartier district, a city within a city, clarinettist and composer Germaine Sijstermans will create a new installation every day of Cultura Nova at vacant locations throughout the festival site. Spectators can walk in and out freely and follow the development as they progress. The icing on the cake is a concert/presentation at sunset, during which installation and music converge.

Spatiality plays an important role in the compositions by Germaine Sijstermans, both in the music itself and in the use of the performance space. Similar to her abstract use of sound in her music, Sijstermans uses simple and easily recognisable materials in an abstract way in her installations. Transparent structures and silence play an important role in her music, while the transparency of the installations fill or change the space without disrupting it. Maanplein square is the ideal spot to blend composition and environment.