Orkun Agir Ensemble

Orkun Agir (NL)

Orkun Ağır composes contemporary classical music with subtle influences from Ottoman and Anatolian music. His music is characterised by its introspective and melancholic nature. Ağır wrote a special arrangement – ‘Sestetto’ – for the Cultura Nova concert for clarinet, bağlama, string trio, and piano. He will also perform some of his older works, such as ‘Nâme-i Hicrân’ – ‘The Farewell Letter’ – for the bağlama and cello, and ‘Mesra’ for cello solo.

Ağır, a Zwolle native, worked closely with prominent Turkish poet Ataol Behramoğlu. He composed a song cycle for Behramoğlu’s poems, which will première in Izmir in 2019. He also used Behramoğlu’s texts for the arrangement ‘If I die’, which he wrote for the Storioni Trio bağlama and soprano.

The Cultura Nova concert was made possible with the help of Intro in Situ Maastricht.