Rutger Muller Ensemble (NL)


In Processive, Rutger Muller explores how technology can serve as a medium between electronic music and classical traditions. His work is a combination of baroque, contemporary classical music, club music (techno, ambient), and oriental sounds. As different as these genres may seem, they all share a sense of abstraction, continuity, and endlessness. Experience it yourself during this performance in Maankwartier.

In Processive, Josephine Bode (recorder, vocals), Wen Chin Fu (cello), and Rutger Muller (electronica, percussion) search for fusions and abstractions in classical music, Japanese music, minimalism, ambient, and glitch, among others. The result is a fragile symbiosis of meditative and unheimliche elements. This mystical whole is reinforced by the architectural light art of Vladimir Grafov, thereby blurring the boundaries between foreground, background, stability, chaos, time, and space.

This concert was developed in collaboration with Intro in Situ Maastricht.